Friday, October 7, 2011

Montmartre Wine Festival

There's only one tiny vineyard in Paris, located in Montmartre, and early every October they celebrate the grape harvest with a festival featuring food and wine vendors from all over France.  They have a woman dressed in early 20th century garb playing an accordion.

They have a booth selling olives.

They also have several booths selling oysters.

There were people wearing costumes that I didn't understand.  Many of them appeared to be dressed for the graduation ceremony at an Ivy League or British university.

Lunch was festival food, eaten standing up, and I didn't take pictures, but I had a sausage and onion sandwich (on a baguette) and Bill had melted Mont d'Or cheese with boiled potatoes.

After the festival we went to Notre Dame Cathedral to see the Crown of Thorns, which is displayed on the First Friday of every month.  It was carried through the church by a group of what appeared to be about a dozen priests.  The photo I took was of such poor quality that I'm not going to use it, but if you're curious about this subject, you can find more information here.

This relic would be so easy to fake, that I'm quite skeptical about its authenticity.  However, the history of it is quite interesting, and it was amazing to see the large group of people who showed up to see it.

Moving from the sacred to the not-so-sacred, on Rue de Rivoli, at a MAC cosmetics store, we saw two artists decorating this  woman in the shop window.

Today's cheese:  ComtĂ© (purchased at the festival)

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