Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fountain Project Completed

Today we finished up the project of seeing some of the most interesting Paris fountains.  We saw the Fountain of the Four Seasons on Rue de Grenelle.  It's huge and imposing.  I wasn't able to get them in the picture, but on the sides of the fountain are 4 very pretty sculptures of cherubs performing the work of each season.

The final fountain was Fontaine du Fellah, which depicts an Egyptian worker.  It's on Rue de Sevres and was built in 1806 to commemorate Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign.

Then it was on to Belleville where we saw the building where Edith Piaf was born.  As you can see, there's a historical marker above the door.

Because we'll be going home soon, we treated ourselves to another lunch at La Boulangerie, the Belleville restaurant we enjoyed so much a couple of weeks ago.  We were not disappointed.  I had roast veal with lentils and Bill had duck and pureed parsnips.

We recently realized that when we went to the Carnavalet Museum (the Museum of Paris) several weeks ago, we had neglected to see Marcel Proust's bedroom.  It looks to me like he should have replaced the mattress and had some of the furniture reupholstered.

We had also neglected to photograph the beautiful Art Nouveau jewelry shop of Georges Fouquet.

Today's cheeses:  Salers Tradition 2009, Brie de Melun, and Coeur Camembert Calvados

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  1. when we were in paris this summer we spent a long day walking during one of the hottest days. when we arrived at tulleries we were so excited to find the green cast iron hand-cranked fountains were ice-cold! we washed our faces, filled our water bottles and drank greedily...