Saturday, October 8, 2011

Architecture Walk

It's back to the self-guided walking tours - today was the 16th arrondissement, a well-to-do neighborhood known for its Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and modern architecture.  The first building on the tour was the best - an Art Nouveau building by architect Hector Guimard.  Here's the door.

And here's the side of the building with the seahorse decorations.  These are also on the front of the building, but that photo didn't turn out well.

After a salad lunch at Place de la Republique, we went to a concert of classical music at the church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.  We've been going to free concerts in churches each Saturday afternoon since we arrived.

Then it was time to shop for the evening.  We bought cheese, of course.

And we tried to buy pastries at Popelini, a shop noted for its choux (think eclairs and cream puffs) pastries, but they had a "fermeture exceptionelle" (unscheduled closing) today, so they're near the top of our list for tomorrow.  Our last purchase was baguettes to serve with the cheese.

Today's cheeses:  Picodon de l'Arbèdie, Crottin Fort, St-Marcellin Fermier, and Comté Vieux

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