Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gustave Moreau Museum

Our first destination today was Passage Brady, a 2-block long passage filled with inexpensive Indian restaurants.  As you walked past, the restaurant employees gave you a sales pitch to get you to eat at their restaurants.  It actually convinced me that I didn't want to eat at an Indian restaurant today.

After lunch at a café, we went to the Gustave Moreau museum.  Moreau was a symbolist painter who created his own museum.  He lived on the first floor of the building in small rooms crowded with paintings and bric-a-brac.  The top two floors are large and well-lit to show off his dark paintings to their best advantage.  They are connected by a graceful spiral staircase.

Many of the Paris beggars have animals, usually dogs or cats, which presumably increase contributions.  Apparently not everybody approves of this (and I'm one of those who doesn't approve).  Near the Moreau Museum we saw this sign stenciled on the sidewalk.

"Animal Beggar - Animal Slave."

Today's Cheese:  Comté


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  2. The animals are extremely docile, which makes me think they may have been drugged. They're confined to a very small begging space. On the other hand, they always have food and water. Maybe I'm just too cynical and suspicious.