Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Regarde de la Lanterne

Today's mission was to locate the small building that served to protect the water collected in the aqueducts  which provided Paris with water during the Middle Ages.  It's called the Regarde de la Lanterne and looks like a home for gnomes.  It's located up in the 19th arrondissement, far from the tourist attractions.

Next was a long hike to Square de la Roquette.  It's now an attractive park, but during World War II it housed 4000 Resistance fighters captured by the Germans.  There's a plaque commemorating the liberation of these prisoners at the entrance to the park.  There are so many plaques in Paris recording where Resistance fighters were shot and killed, that I was actually a little surprised to see that so many were taken prisoner.

Fromageries primarily sell cheese, but they also sell butter, cream, yogurt, and eggs.  The sign on this fromagerie near Pere Lachaise Cemetery proclaims that their eggs are produced by happy chickens who eat vegetables and live in open fields.

We finally got back to the bakery that sells the cream puffs and stocked up.  Aren't they pretty?  Remember, these are mini-cream puffs - less than 2 inches in diameter.  We're self indulgent, but there are limits.

Today's cheeses:  Bleu de Gex and Bleu de Basques

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