Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Back Door of Balzac's House

We had two items of unfinished business for our last day in Paris.  First was to see the back door of Balzac's house.  Balzac was a prodigious writer, but apparently had some money management problems because he was besieged by creditors.  He rented his house (now the Balzac museum) under an alias and had a secret password for visitors.  The house is built into a hill, with the front door at the top of the hill and the back door at the bottom.  When creditors did manage to track Balzac down, he sneaked out the back door.  The back door faces Rue Berton, a charming cobblestoned street.  Today it is hemmed in by the Turkish embassy.

The last thing on our To-Do list was to see the apiary at Luxembourg Gardens.  It's connected with a school that teaches people how to manage apiaries.

Today's cheese:  None

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