Monday, October 10, 2011

Best (and Most Expensive) Lunch Yet

Some of the chefs at high end French restaurants like to open smaller, more casual, bistro-style restaurants, and that's the kind of place we went to today, Les Cocottes  de Christian Constant.  Many of their dishes were served in Staub cocottes, similar to Le Creuset cookware.  I had crispy lamb in a carrot sauce, and it was delicious.  Actually, the lamb wasn't crispy at all; it was very tender roast lamb wrapped in a packet of phyllo dough and it was the phyllo that was crispy.  Bill was very happy with his cod and lentils.

For dessert we had a chocolate tart and  clafouti, fresh cherries or plums baked in a pancake-type batter.  The restaurant seating was primarily at the bar, with only a few high tables.  It was a little dressier than the places we usually go to, and the customers seemed to be wearing more expensive shoes than we were, but the service was very friendly.

The damage?  59 euros, about $85, the most we've spent for a meal so far.  I wish we could afford to eat like this all the time.

After lunch we wandered over to Rue du Bac to see a taxidermy store.  They had some beautiful examples of taxidermy, all animals that had died of natural causes, of course.

Today's cheeses:  Brie de Meaux and ComtĂ© Fruitè

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