Saturday, October 22, 2011


Provins is a town about 50 miles southeast of Paris which, due to the vagaries of history, has managed to maintain much of its medieval architecture.  In fact, it's a UNESCO heritage site.  We took the train there today.

A large part of the 13th century rampart is still standing.  It has narrow slits out of which you can shoot arrows without exposing yourself to the enemy.

They also have half-timbered houses.

Caesar's Tower, built in the twelfth century, has been used as a prison, watch tower, and bell tower.

It has extremely narrow steep steps and picturesquely thatched roofed turrets.

Even the more modern part of town is picturesque.

Today's cheese:  None because by the time we got back to Paris the fromageries were closed.

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  1. Sorry to ask another similar question to my earlier one (on an earlier post) but is the train direct to Provins? No transfers, no distance walking? Again...univ. prof. and a bunch of univ. students heading there this fall.